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Miranda Kerr shows off her sexy fashion sensibilities

09.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's always nice to hear how we've positively progressed as a species. For instance: When statistical facts show human beings are living longer, healthier lives, a favorable reaction is guaranteed. One sign our understanding of the human body has much improved is the way celebrity hotties rebound from pregnancy. It used to be difficult, reversing the effects childbearing has on certain aspects of the female anatomy. Now, they come out the other end looking as though it never happened, and it Miranda Kerr's case, looking sexier than ever. The alluring Aussie always had a beautiful pair of b cups; thanks to the miracle of childbirth, however, they look even better, fuller and firmer, as proven by her attendance to the Koradior fashion show in Milan. She wore two distinctly different dresses with one thing in common: they both showcased those naturally upgraded mammories. You have to wonder how much more inflation will occur if Miranda decides to pass along those perfect genes, yet again. The sky's the limit!

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