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Miranda Kerr's cleavage sparkles in sexy sequins

02.11.2016by: Droz

It's an all model afternoon here on Movie Hotties. Think of it as an impromptu reference to the ZOOLANDER 2 ads up all over the place, only not really because it just happened that all the fine, female models were looking particularly hot at the big events last night. That's what they get paid for, so it makes sense that they should do so. Among the especially hot was Miranda Kerr glowing in her short, sequined skirt with just a hint of sideboob peeking out. Girl still has the goods. Even more so nowadays. Time was when Miranda was something of a petite little thing. Subsequent years have seen her start to fill out those fine fashions in fine fashion. Though she still does her very best work when she absent any clothing at all, like in the recent Harper's Bazaar cover below, where she's so naked that the prudes insisted it be pulled from the newsstands. That says something for Miranda too. After all these years of Miranda goodness, that birthday suit of hers is still in great shape.

Miranda Kerr Bazaar Nude

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