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Miranda Kerr makes selling bikinis look easy

09.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

"A brand ambassador; The face of our new Bonds Swim range." The folks at Bonds Swimwear bestow upon Miranda Kerr a number of flattering titles – and for good reason. When you have the beloved MILF touting your wears, to be anything less than flattering is unappreciative, at best. This woman's ability to make bikinis look remarkable hasn't been diluted over the span of her lengthy career. Even at the mature age of 33 (that's like 50 in model years), Miranda's bikini body can still knock most of her younger peers' wannabe bods out of the box, leaving them in a state of disbelief over her immunity to time – I wouldn't be surprised if she still gets carded when ordering an alcoholic beverage. The secret may lie within Miranda's accompanying interview, where she revealed her obsession with Infrared Saunas: "...its rays deeply detoxify your body." That may seem like a bit of useless information on the surface, but not when you're picturing the nubile Aussie sprawled out naked on a wooden sauna bench, counting the beads of sweat rolling down her glistening skin.

Source: Bonds Swimwear


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