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Miranda Kerr leads a pack of underwear bearing, leather-bound beauties

05.12.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

As sexy as some girls can look in it, I wouldn't call myself the biggest fan of leather. Now underwear and lingerie? Yeah. I can get behind that absolutely any day. Put the two together and I can totally forget about the fact that the leather is there. Pretty girls in underwear is pretty girls in underwear no matter how you cut it. Well, for Sunday Style Magazine that's exactly what we got. We were given hottie Miranda Kerr to say hi to as she introduced us to several other supreme hotties. The ladies we have on deck for you all today include Miranda, Elyse Taylor, Kelly Gale, Rachael Taylor, Ruby Rose, Samara Weaving and Sarah Stevens. Why haven't I heard of any of these other hotties? Where have they been all my life? Will they like me if I don't wear any leather? I guess it's time to go to Goodwill. Ugh… 

Source: Celebmafia


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