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Miranda Kerr hops onto the supermodel relationship bandwagon

12.05.2013by: Droz

One thing near universal in the supermodel world is that no matter how rich and successful a model may become, there will still be an urgency in their minds to marry super rich guys with giant yachts. It's just a given that if you're one of the elite beautiful people, your only realistic option for a mate is a master of the universe. Which is rather bizarre because it's not like these ladies are destitute or short on looks. They really have no need of a sugar daddy. They have the cash and the innate hotness necessary to easily woo any pretty boy they want. Perhaps this is proof of a subconscious need within the female psyche to be looked after by a more powerful man? I'm not going to touch that one.

Whatever is going on, Aussie mega model Miranda Kerr bucked that rich dude trend and married herself a pretty boy, Orlando Bloom. But now that their relationship has imploded, she's decided to get back in line with her supermodel ilk and find herself a billionaire. Enter Australia's richest man, James Packer.

Now there's a visage clearly meant for super models, which is to say only billions in cash could get that face between the legs of a model like Miranda. This casino baron and frequent fine ass-chaser has been around the block with a few hotties before Miranda, but has clearly set his sights on the big time by courting one of his homeland's finest. And here's the 172-foot super yacht Miranda will be hanging her fine ass off of soon enough:

That's the same yacht Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes honeymooned on in the Maldives and where she was presumably indoctrinated into his psycho cult of batshittery shortly thereafter. James is good friends with Tom and a bunch of other folks and is generally the exact type of guy you'd expect to see a world class model take up with. So there you have it fugly dudes who can't score chicks. You want to solve that problem? Just get billions of dollars and a massive yacht. Then you get Miranda Kerr. Easy.

Now enjoy Miranda wearing the skimpiest of all bikinis and know you'll never enjoy her as much as James probably is right now.


Source: Celebslam


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