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Miranda Kerr does some on the clock bikini beach frolicking

07.20.2016by: Droz

I wonder sometimes if there's a kind of internal time clock ticking in the heads of models like Miranda Kerr while they're doing their hot modelling thing on shoots like this one. You know she's getting paid a ton of cash for doing the relatively simple task of running down a beach. Well, simple if you don't take into account the time and energy required to keep up a body like Miranda's. They're also paying a premium for her superior genetic gifts. But anyway, I wonder if high ticket models like Miranda really stop and think about what each little thing they do is paying out.

"Okay, now I'm running down the beach with a smile. That's about $10K."

"Now I'm going to bend over and look seductively at the camera. Should be good for another $20K."

"What's that? Lighting problems? Camera fell into the ocean? Sweeeet! That's another $50K of my time!"

If only we could all itemize our time the way Miranda does.

Source: NSFW


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