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Minka Kelly rocks the hot yoga pants to make a play for the Captain's virginity

09.11.2015by: Droz

Some curious points being brought up by these here pics. Sure, that's just Chris Evans and Minka Kelly taking their shelter dogs out for a walk in some West Hollywood tinderbox, as is the fashionable thing for the celebs to do. Slowly the well bred fur balls that were vogue are being replaced with far more socially acceptable strays plucked fresh from some dingy LA alleyways. I approve of that, but you'd think the guy who plays Captain America would go for something a little more...butch? I suspect they're probably both Minka's dogs, but one thing I know for damn sure is that Chris has had all kinds of tail in his time. You're looking at one of his former conquests right here. He and Minka have been off and on for years. Speculation now resumes that the two are back together. Could be, I don't know.

The more important question these pics brought up for me is whether Chris's Cap'n has gotten his cherry popped yet? I'm pretty sure he never got down to anything back in his scrawny days in the 40s, but there's got to be endless opportunities for ass in the 21st century to a guy like him. Hell, he could be neck deep in former S.H.I.E.L.D hotties alone. Something tells me he hasn't pulled the trigger there though. He's still pining for his long lost Peggy. He's also pretty uptight, what with his sensitivity to s-bombs and whatnot. I see him getting a lot of frustrations out by throwing that shield around. He and Tony Stark just need to go for a long weekend in Vegas and get that problem solved before the next CAPTAIN AMERICA movie. Then maybe he'll be a little more chill.


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