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Minka Kelly looking fine as she walks the red carpet path

03.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Minka Kelly exists in something of a hottie purgatory. She's beautiful, yes, but there are lots of beautiful women out there and she doesn't have that raw sexuality thing going for her either. You'd be hard-pressed to find people out there using photos of her as desktop wallpaper. At best, she's probably relegated to the reserve funds in people's spank banks. That's not to say she isn't nice to look at, though. Take a peek at these photos of her in attendance to the premiere of a new show on Hulu - yes, Hulu - called THE PATH. I have no idea what it is other than it stars BREAKING BAD's Aaron Paul and, based on the title, reeks of Christian undertones. She looks pretty damn fly wearing a black dress and a big smile; definitely the kind of woman any man would be lucky to settle down with. But who plays around in the pleasure zone thinking about that kind of shit?

Source: Got Celeb


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