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Milla Jovovich is the HOTTIE OF THE MONTH for October 2010

10.05.2010by: Seth Gecko

Greetings to all my favourite hottie lovers from around the world and best wishes to all of you on this glorious morning (or afternoon/night wherever you are). As most of you may know during the later end of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW, I was proud to present a series of HOTTIE OF THE MONTH segments which featured sexy and popular actresses who I felt deserved a shout-out for their efforts and gave each of them a sexy tribute as thanks for what they've given us. So far, Zoe Saldana, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Munn, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Monica Bellucci and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have been given this honour and from now on, I'll be awarding this category to a popular actress EVERY MONTH from this moment forward.

I remember the very first time I laid eyes on Milla Jovovich back when I was 10 years old when THE FIFTH ELEMENT released in theatres and it was then that I first fell in love with her and I didn't even like girls yet. Now at the age of 35, Milla has shown absolutely zero signs of slowing down both in action films and her modeling career and that makes me a happy camper. She continues to be one of the hottest ass-kickers in movies today and a very cool chick in real-life as you can easily tell from any of her interviews (I've heard she's a big fan of JoBlo). So with all that laid out, it's pretty easy to say that Milla earns the crown in October for her most recent return in the latest RESIDENT EVIL movie as well as everything else she's delivered up to this point. So enjoy the special dedication video below as well as a yummy collection of photos.

Click the screencap below to view the tribute video!

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Extra Tidbit: Recently watched ULTRAVIOLET again. Milla was great but the movie is awful.


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