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Milla Jovovich goofs around with the undead at Resident Evil premiere

01.25.2017by: Cherry Liquor
RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER gives you the impression in its title that this is the last time we're going to be seeing Milla Jovovich fighting the undead but on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere for the film, Milla seemed happy to pretend to be spooked by a couple of actors dressed up with zombie makeup. I like that Milla has been so happy promoting this film, proud of her 9-year old daughter Ever, who makes her acting debut in the film as young Alice, perfect considering that she looks exactly like her mama, only with lighter hair. I kinda figured that Milla's daughter would end up in acting, what with her mother understanding the pitfalls of modeling and her father being a director, I just wouldn't have guessed that it would come so early on. Jovovich did take to Twitter to praise her child, stating that she was proud that she'd found a love of the craft and that she's an excellent Red Queen in the film.
Source: Daily Mail


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