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Milla Jovovich gets limber while losing her top during a Pop Magazine shoot

10.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

I never understood how THE FIFTH ELEMENT was able to gain such a large cult following. But, instead of relitigating all the reasons why, I will say this: it's been almost 20 years since its release and I still have a very clear, and very fond, memory of seeing it in theaters. The scene I remember most? That brief moment when those white straps were being laid across her bare chest and I saw Milla Jovovich's tits for the first time; under the stringent guidelines of a PG-13 rating, no less. So when I came across her recent spread for Pop Magazine, that warm, nostalgic feeling washed over me, leaving me suspended in a moment of admiration because those astonishing A cups are practically as perky as they were all of those years ago. Something else I never understood: people's aversion to, what are essentially, gravity proof boobs. Sure, they may not fill the entirety of your hand but they have longer-lasting visual appeal. The same can be said for Milla Jovovich, with one slight amendment – she has everlasting visual appeal.

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Source: NS4W


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