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Miley Cyrus performs with Borgore at Christmas Creampies Concert, shows plenty of skin, buzzcut

12.10.2012by: Cherry Liquor
I understand that I shouldn't be a fan of Miley Cyrus. Everything in my DNA is yelling at me to remember my roots, to start quoting Henry Rollins, go back to reading Catcher in the Rye for the billionth time. But I find myself constantly intrigued by this girl and not even in the trainwreck sort of way. If MJZ hadn't mentioned that he was watching Miley as she took to the set of "Two and a Half Men," I doubt I would have tuned in because my deeply ingrained disgust with Ashton Kutcher (which I in previous years did not possess) forces me to quickly change the channel after "The Big Bang Theory." (Way to dump your dying horse onto your stallion's back, CBS.) Miley was pretty f*cking funny on that show. I'm not afraid to say that was my conclusion. I LIKE the short hair on her. I even think that her tattoos are becoming less obnoxious to me but I'm not pushing that issue I have too far. As she hit the Fonda Theater on Saturday night to perform her single, "Decisions," with popular DJ/producer Borgore, I understand that she had previously been tweeting about not feeling well just the day before but put her tight big girl latex pants on and went to work. That's ethics, man. Most of the other pop stars bail when they even get a hangnail. I haven't listened to the song and don't see myself seeking it out. But Miley looks like a healthy 20-year old woman who is having fun at her job. That's something I can definitely appreciate.


Extra Tidbit: I almost thought that stripper had JoBlo pasties on. Heh.
Source: Zimbio


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