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Miley Cyrus is just...I can't...what the...I don't know

09.24.2013by: Droz

Normally I'm content to let Miley Cyrus and her attention whoring exploits pass unremarked on. However, I think her antics at the iHeartRadio event this weekend are screaming to be addressed. I mean sticking your tongue out and being a slut on stage is one thing, but when you start sexually harassing little people and dressing them up as flowers and mushrooms as a part of your stage show, things start to look pretty out of hand. I assume her freak of pop culture identity is an attempt to emulate the concepts that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga started before her. There's a big difference between Miley and them. No one knew who Katy or Lady Gaga were before they showed up on the scene with blue hair, latex bodysuits and meat dresses. That blank slate helped them establish their media identity early and thus made their names. Miley already had a name before she set out on this crazy path and as much as she'd like to deny it, nobody has forgotten the little girl who used to be Hanna Montana, belting out her country tunes as a wholesome fixture of family entertainment.

Miley wants everyone to forget about that and pay attention to the slutty, shaved head freak with the pasties and the nasty tongue hanging out. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. No matter what she does to distance herself from the past, in her present state, she's always going to look like Hanna Montana on crack. Miley would do well to pay close attention to Amanda Bynes' fate. I don't know if she's sinking into madness like Amanda, but this crazed tear down of her former identity doesn't look all that stable to me. It's already probably cost her a fiance. How long before she's ranting around city streets with studs in her cheeks, wearing a ratty wig? I don't wish ill will on anyone, but it might be good for Billy Ray to start looking around for rehab facilities and reading up on conservatorships now.


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