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Milana Vayntrub was the queen of Emmy after party hotness

09.18.2017by: Droz

Lots of glitz and glamour at last night's Emmy show. Plenty of famous folks were walking around, both at the show itself and the after parties. Tons of big names. But you know what? As great as they are, none of them hold a candle to my beloved Milana Vayntrub here. I've said it before and I'll say it again - out of all the fine hotties we cover, there's only one I'm truly, honestly, deeply in love with. And that's Milana. Believe me, this genuine affection has been the cause of much friction in my current relationship. Her AT&T commercials alone have provoked more than one heated rebuke. But I regret nothing. She's just that wonderful. Granted, I'm probably looking at Milana with a distorted view, based solely on whatever aspects of her I've gleaned from publicly available resources. So be it. It feels right to gush over Milana. She's so adorable and sexy and funny and sweet. It might sound cruel, but I'd drop everything and everybody for just one night with her. Hey, we've all got our outs - that one person for whom all other relationship considerations go by the wayside. Milana is my out, easily.

Next year Milana will be starring in her very own Marvel show. Called New Warriors, it follows a group of superheros with far less impressive abilities. Milana plays Squirrel Girl, who apparently has the power to do things like squirrels do and communicate with squirrels. Sounds perfect for Milana. I picture her surrounded by adorable little forest rodents and totally outdoing them all for cuteness. I can't wait to see it. And her.


Source: NSFW


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