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Milana Vayntrub (aka Lily the AT&T girl) is my new hottie obsession

09.03.2015by: Droz

To declare Milana Vayntrub my favorite might sound pretty silly, what with the sea of higher profile hottie fish we have swimming around here. She's the girl on those commercials you skip past on your DVR, or avoid altogether thanks to your Netflix membership. If you stopped for a second and actually watched one of those AT&T commercials, you'd get what I'm on about. Here's a little taste of what makes Milana my new favorite.

She's so cute, so hot. I could look at that face, listen to that voice and lavish tons of affection on those beautiful tits forever. On top of everything else, she's also pretty damn funny. I've made it my mission to devour just about everything I can find of Milana across the web and can attest to her skills as a comedian. Though it's obviously her skills as a sexy woman that make the real difference here. I wont bother going through the entire list of attributes that won me over where Milana is concerned, but suffice it to say that she checks off several of my perfect woman prerequisites.

Extra Tidbit: Check her out in Other Space.
Source: Superior Pics


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