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Mila Kunis makes being a bad mom look good

07.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

With only two days out and not a single review in sight, it's safe to say that BAD MOMS probably won't deliver the raunchy yuks it's premise suggests. That's somewhat disheartening – I'm always up for a good R-rated comedy, especially when you see full frontal nudity listed as one of the reasons for banning adolescents. Unfortunately, were probably talking about some dude's 'swinging cod.' I hope I'm wrong, though; I wouldn't mind spending 100 minutes watching one of the hottest MILFs on the planet spout an endless string of four letter words, drop a few innuendos and engage in filthy discourse. I suppose after the debacle that was JUPITER ASCENDING, Mila Kunis is just glad for another shot at starring in a wide release. Will this be the one that helps to get her career back on the lauded track? The magic eight ball says: Don't count on it.

Source: ns4w


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