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Mila Kunis made damn sure there was no chance of her planets descending

02.03.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Well, thank goodness for that, eh? I have to admit (and I hope that nobody takes this the wrong way), but marrying Ashton Kutcher, getting frisky with Ashton Kutcher and spawning Ashton Kutcher's child are pretty much the three worst things that you can do. It's almost like that one time I was making a beer run when I came back to my house on fire that my girlfriend had started. "What the hell have you done?" I asked in a confused and drunken state. "Yeah, but look at how hot I still am. Don't you love me?" Yeah. I did. It's quite literally the same thing when you think about it. Setting my house and family on fire and marrying Ashton Kutcher. Of course I was mad and of course it was a travesty (the house and the marriage), but she was still fine as hell (my girlfriend and Mila), so what could I do? I'm kidding. I've never had a girlfriend. 

Anyway, it's good to finally see Mila Kunis back again looking so incredibly beautiful. I know she's still the object of a lot of our fantasies and I can comfortably say that motherhood has been extremely kind to Mila. Now we're get these boobs that take on a new word almost. I think "bazoongas" or "boobingos" is appropriate. She showed off said bazoongas/boobingos at the JUPITER ASCENDING premiere in Hollywood. Again, in a classy black dress that shows off her chesticles quite nicely, it's great to see Mila back doing what she does best: stealing hearts and looking good and proving to everyone that just because you love Ashton Kutcher doesn't necessarily mean that you're an ugly, terrible person. Cause she's not. Look at her. Damn. 


Source: Celebmafia


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