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Might as well raid Abigail Ratchford's Instagram page while we're at it

06.22.2016by: Droz

We just revisited Sara Jean Underwood's Instagram the other day. She certainly makes the case for the value of social media. The opportunity to peruse hotties taking selfies in minimal states of dress is pretty much the only reason I have to visit any of the social media sites with any regularity. Another hottie who makes a really, really great case for sites like Instagram progressing into the future is Abigail Ratchford who might be making use of that site to an even better degree than SJU. What a rare and precious treasure Abigail is. She's like a constant force for boners at all times. There's nothing about her which isn't specifically aimed at getting you hot. In that respect I'd say she's quite in tune with the male perspective. Non-feminist perspectives are virtually taboo nowadays, but Abi remains one place where memories of the all out sex machines from days of old endure.

Source: Instagram


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