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Might as well go for the Hayden Panettiere trifecta

01.06.2017by: Droz

Funny how rapidly we went from next to no Hayden Panettiere to Hayden everywhere. Now we got Hayden on morning shows, late night shows, and everything in between to promote the resurrection of her Nashville show. I wouldn't have thought that show deserved such treatment, but apparently somebody with some pull thought otherwise. Whatever the reasonings behind it, their decision has brought Hayden back to our attention. So I'll not question the circumstances of her rapid return to the limelight. Girl is looking good, which is all that matters. I was worried she might never recover from delivering her gigantic husband's kid, but it seems she's overcome that shock to her tiny system and come back into a reasonable shape. I got a special thing for petite little cuties like Hayden, so it's heartening to see she's still got that epitome of diminutive sweetness thing happening.

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