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Michelle Rodriguez is the queen of cleaning up nicely at Hollywood Film Awards

11.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I have always envied Michelle Rodriguez's body, so lithe and athletic, strong but feminine, all while looking as if she's not working at it. MRod cleans up in real life as her character in the FAST & FURIOUS movies, Letty, does on screen. For the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards, Michelle was poured into a skin-tight orangey-red dress that showed off that awesome body. Most amazingly, Rodriguez rarely wears much, if any, makeup. Her look was as natural as it gets (some minimal face powder & eye shadow with a natural lip color), further proving that she doesn't need the tricks that others employ in order to look gorgeous. Her co-stars, Vin Diesel & Jordana Brewster, were on hand to accept the award for blockbuster and whatever Vin said about the win generated some good guffaws from the ladies. Michelle starts filming in Vancouver next week on the action flick TOMBOY, A REVENGER'S TALE, in which she'll portray a transgendered hitwoman. Which I will totally be lining up to buy tickets for.

Source: Daily Mail


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