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Michelle Rodriguez celebrates her new year with gals in thong bikinis

01.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor
If you spend your summer vacations roaming around with Zac Efron, the only way to cleanse the palate as you head into the next year is by surrounding yourself with hot women in bikinis. Well, that logic works for Michelle Rodriguez at least. The sexy star of the FAST & THE FURIOUS movies was seen frolicking in the oceans of Mexico as the calendar flipped over to 2015, including some of her with a topless woman who had some massively hideous Mexican plastic surgery implants. I'm sparing you those images, but enjoy the one of Michelle getting a rub-down from one of her friends sporting a thong bikini. Other than FURIOUS 7, set for an early April release this year (Seriously, are they trying to start the summer box office in the spring?), we're not scheduled to see too much of M-Rod, so feast on what you can get.
Source: Perez Hilton


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