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Michelle Monaghan is the perfect cover model for Shape magazine

02.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Well, now we know what the photoshoot here was being used for. Michelle Monaghan, who has recently started showing up all over the place again, including in the movies SLEEPLESS, SIDNEY HALL and PATRIOTS DAY, put that remarkable body of hers to use for the March 2017 issue of Shape magazine, just in time to make all of the other mothers-of-two jealous of how fit she is and how easy she makes it seem to be. She tells the magazine that she doesn't freak out if a long work day means no workout. "I throw myself a bone and don’t get too worried about it. I know that when I have time again, I can kick it up a notch."  

Her reasons for being so chill are important. "I also need to be an example for my daughter. That means I can't run around worried about what I look like. We're active together as a family — the kids go hiking and biking with us. But I don’t obsess about what I eat." Sounds like a pretty smart way of going about it.

Source: Daily Mail


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