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Michelle Monaghan is remarkably fit for her shoot in Malibu

11.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

During this long, drawn out election season, you never once heard either candidate touch upon a singularly important issue: the world needs more images of Michelle Monaghan in a bikini. A bipartisan platform you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in disagreement with; the only policy that would have a 100% approval rating, actually. The lack of sexy Michelle Monaghan shoots is an issue that's gone on unaddressed for far too long, and this "beauty at the beach" shoot only serves to remind us of all of the hot shit we've been missing out on, in her long absence. Thankfully, this hefty set makes up for lost time, with crotch shots, ass shots and eye-catching depictions of her remarkably toned body abound. Here's hoping to this comeback ultimately leading to a steady influx of imagery, featuring the scorching hot brunette showcasing her firm bod. Salud!!

Source: NS4W


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