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Michelle Keegan satisfies your hotties in leggings pumping gas needs

03.29.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Since I'm a dirty ol' Yank, I'm not as familiar with Michelle Keegan as I'd like to be. She's a British soap opera actress, a concept that I cannot wrap my head around. Soaps are often filled with melodrama and wild antics, something that Americans do well, Mexicans do even better, Koreans do with a degree of weirdness that's delightfully hysterical and the Brits? Well, I guess I see them as too upper crust for that shit. Unless it's their reality shows, which seem to be a whole level lower in the gutter than even us degenerates in the states can handle. Then again, I don't watch TLC. But from the things I've read about Keegan from every day blokes out in that area, she's a rather nice lady. She certainly looks a lot less perplexed with the paps when they caught her filling up her Land Rover in Essex, even smiling at them as they made sure to catch every angle of her perfectly fit figure in its workout gear.
Source: Celebrity Hive


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