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Michael Sheen just became this week's luckiest bastard

09.15.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Michael Sheen might be known to some as David Frost from the striking drama FROST/NIXON. He might be better known to others as the reoccurring character Lucian from the UNDERWORLD series. And to those not dim-witted enough to only focus on the pale or the hairy, he might be remembered for his role as Aro Volturi in a couple of the TWILIGHT flicks. But for those who were around the Welsh actor in Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival this week, he's the lucky bastard getting trailed by RED EYE beauty, Rachel McAdams.

McAdams had the more high profile romance with THE NOTEBOOK co-star Ryan Gosling, with the pair doing the off-again, on-again dance for a few years before officially calling it quits not too long ago. Sources say that the actress was sniffing around Sheen while the he was promoting BEAUTIFUL BOY at the festival. The two were spotted getting very friendly after the movie was screened.

For those who might not realize it, this is the guy who had formerly been banging Kate Beckinsale, fathering their daughter Lily and making her into the MILF that the world recognizes her as now. So while it might not appear that the dude has the PP (pussy power!) to score McAdams when you look at him on the surface, he's got to have some suave moves to be reeling in that level of quality tail. I just hope someone straps an industrial strength condom onto the dude because while motherhood is no match for the impervious Beckinsale, not all other women - including McAdams - could be so lucky.

Extra Tidbit: Sheen commanded $7.3 mil for NEW MOON. Dude... WTF?
Source: Lainey Gossip


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