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Mia Kang kicks major bikini butt in her Sports Illustrated spread

02.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I know we've been slowly rolling out all of the Sports Illustrated models, but sometimes you've got to slow your roll and enjoy the landscape. One such example was the winner of Sports Illustrated's model casting call, Hong Kong beauty Mia Kang. I've been searching for more information on the gorgeous kickboxer but there's not much out there aside from what she puts on display on her Instagram and I've picked up a few nuggets about her advocacy of healthy living as a means to battle her chronic anxiety and eating disorder issues. What I've been dying to figure out (without having to do extensive research), is just how many Asian models SISE has used over the years, a demographic eclipsed only by the lack of Latina and Indian models, I suppose. I love that they're stepping it up with different body types but I'd kinda like to continue to see a variety of different ethnicities represented as well.
Source: Got Celeb


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