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MH Awards '09 1/4

01.04.2010by: Seth Gecko

Can you believe it guys? The first decade of the 21st century is just days away from coming to an end I feel like it went by in a blink. 2009 itself has been an incredible year filled with amazing films and stunning actresses giving some of the best performances to date. Which is why at the end of each year (starting back in 2007), the MovieHotties staff and I reflect on the past 12 months by honoring certain actresses with special awards in fun and exciting categories. It's like the Oscars but much better and filled with hot women...what more could a guy want?

We cover a wide range of categories per year such as the "Sexiest Nerd of the Year" as well as the now-famous "RIP Hottie Career of the Year" and so many more. We keep adding more and more categories each year cause like Danny Trejo says..."The ladies can do stuff now!". For 2009, we've broken the entire awards coverage into four posts and we'll be posting them over the course of the next couple of days. So check out all the big winners below and be sure to toss in your opinion/feedback at the bottom. Enjoy everybody!

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Breakthrough Hottie of the Year

Rashida Jones

When it comes to an actress who really broke out career-wise this year and is now getting more attention than she can handle, it definitely must be Rashida. With the huge praise for her role in the comedy "I Love You, Man" earlier in the year, Rashida has officially hit our radar screens in a big way. Not only that but she is one sexy babe and I hope to see much more of her in the coming year cause she wet my appetite.

Runner-Up: Zoe Saldana

Best Behind-the-Scenes Shots of the Year

Emma Watson - “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows” Set (June 2009)

What can I say that hasn't been said by almost every young male on the planet with either a computer or a TV? Emma Watson is smokin' hot and there's nothing that will change that and as she gets older, she's developing into a goddess the likes of which none of us has ever seen before. Which is why seeing these film set photos for the last Harry Potter movie made our hearts beat just a little bit faster...what a woman.

Runner-Up: Mila Kunis' "Black Swan" Set Photos (December 2009)

Hottest Beach Photo of the Year

Kelly Brook - March 2009

Out of all the categories of the MovieHottie Awards, this one is without question the most difficult to choose cause I'm telling ya, these girls really know how to pick a bikini just right for them. However for 2009, there was only one clear winner and she's banging Billy "Cool Mother-f#cker" Zane. Kelly has one of the most amazing body's in the business and I can't wait to see her show it off on the big-screen next year in "Pirahna 3D". She looks perfect in the bikini above so there really was no competition this year. Way to go Kelly!

Runner-Up: Jennifer Connelly – July 2009

Sexiest Movie Poster of the Year

Megan Fox In School Uniform – “Jennifer’s Body”

Get ready folks cause even though most people are tired of even hearing her name, Megan's gonna walk away with a few awards this year cause lets face it...the woman is sex on two legs. Speaking of legs, the sexiest poster for 2009 was a no-brainer as there honestly wasn't too many this year unfortunately. However, Megan's killer legs plus a school-girl uniform on a poster for "Jennifer's Body" definitely takes the win in my books.

Runner-Up: Rachel Nichols’ Hot Pose – “G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra”

Hottest Villain of the Year

Sienna Miller as The Baroness - "G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra"

When we all heard last year that Sienna was officially cast as The Baroness in the Hasbro flick, most of us rolled our eyes in disappointment thinking their was no way she could pull off the look or the act. Goddammit did she ever prove us wrong and I couldn't be happier about that fact. Not only was she hotter than f#cking hell in the movie but she played a great female badass and I genuinely saw her as a threat to the heroes while watching the movie. So on behalf of all the men who doubted you Sienna, we apologize and offer to kiss & massage your feet.

Runner-Up: Ali Larter as Lisa Sheridan – “Obsessed”

Funniest Hottie of the Year

Emma Stone as Wichita – “Zombieland”

To me, Emma is a huge rising star and one who I believe will be one of the most requested actresses for both her talent and ridiculously good looks. "Zombieland" was one of my favourite movies of the year and her comedic wit and chemistry with the rest of the cast (especially Woody Harrelson) made for one of the funniest performances of the year. Not to mention the fact that her sexy and seductive voice just draws you into anything she's saying. Marry me Emma!

Runner-Up: Leslie Mann as Laura – “Funny People”

Hottest Tough Chick of the Year

Rachel Nichols as Scarlett – “G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra”

It's amazing to think that "G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra" is getting any attention whatsoever based on the fact that everyone on the planet was convinced that it would be a massive pile of dog shit. Not only was it not dog shit but it made a ton of money and pretty much everyone who saw it enjoyed the shit out of it. For me, the #1 most entertaining part of the whole film was Rachel and her great performance as Scarlett. Rachel fit in the character so well, was beyond hot and managed to kick a ton of ass as well which makes her our clear winner. I love a hot woman who can kick my ass...that might explain in small crush on Tiger Woods' wife. Check out the clip above!

Runner-Up: Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams – “Terminator Salvation”

Sexiest TV Star of the Year

Eliza Dushku – “Dollhouse”

Was there really any doubt as to who would win in this category? Sure I could have been generic and said Eva Longoria but there are many young actresses who deserve much more attention and Eliza is one of them. Even though the show has officially been canceled, Ms. Dushku has created some very hot memories for us like seeing her in a dominatrix outfit or stripping down to the skimpiest outfits imaginable while carrying a 9mm between her legs. You're the hottest TV star this year Eliza so no worries.

Runner-Up: Anna Paquin - "True Blood"

Most Underrated Hottie of the Year

Alison Lohman

I thought about this category long and hard folks and there are a few reasons why I chose Alison over all the rest. First off, she recently starred in what I think is the best horror film of the last decade ("Drag Me To Hell") and she received a massive amount of praise for her leading performance. Yet we're now at the end of 2009 and NO ONE is talking about her. It's almost as if she's been completely forgotten about already. She currently has ZERO projects coming up according to and we haven't heard a peep about her in months. She's a sexy and talented actress and she deserves better than this in my opinion.

Runner-Up: Carla Gugino

Best Bare-Ass Shot of the Year

Jessica Biel’s Nude Butt Shot – “Powder Blue”

There's been plenty of nudity this year folks and each scene was as hot as the next. However when it comes to the best nudity of 2009, Jessica takes the crown for all of it. Her performance in "Powder Blue" made our ears steam as she just burned up the screen many times over. For this category, Ms. Biel takes the win with ease as all of us have always prayed for just one glimpse at her delicious bare butt and we finally got it. If you don't know the scene I'm talking about, check out the clip below. Nice work Jess!

Runner-Up: Malin Akerman’s Nude Butt Shot – “Watchmen”



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