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Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia raises the heat index with her perfectly round ass

07.29.2015by: Droz

As a mostly unilingual gringo who failed two semesters of high school Spanish in a row, I understandably have little use for Mexican television stations. Though I have retained enough Spanish to be able to direct someone to any nearby library or shoe store. And for some reason I know how to correctly point out any of several different bodies of water in that language. All that being the case, it's not unheard of for me to tune into the Spanish language weather report on a regular basis. The reason for that is made clear by the sight of Mexican television weather person Yanet Garcia doing a little on location forecasting in NYC yesterday. They know how to handle the weather on the Spanish language TV. They understand no one wants the geeky, overly enthusiastic dudes in bad suits talking to us about occlusion fronts and the barometric pressure. No, what we want are ample asses stuffed into the tightest shit available, pointing out the latest Pacific Ocean El Nino trends. I usually have no idea what the hell they're saying and I'm just as challenged to convert their Celsius temperature measurements into Fahrenheit. Still, dat ass. I'll tolerate being ill advised on the upcoming weekly forecast for regular eye fulls of butts like this.

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