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Merry Xmas to all! Maxim gets Sophie Simmons in her skivvies for our pleasure

12.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor
For the record, Sophie Simmons is exactly the woman I would want to be married to. I'm not even going to complete that sentence with "if I were a dude." Nah, Sophie is perfection and our marriage would be legal and totally awesome. I've been following what the daughter of Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons has been doing and not only is she jaw-droppingly sexy, Simmons is a smart, savvy, empowering woman I wish more of these young offspring celebrities would model themselves after. All of which makes me a little disappointed that the opening question Maxim magazine would choose to ask her in their online interview would be about the craziest place she's had sex. Not that I'm not interested (her answers included in a classroom & a gym) but there was a world of options and that was the weakest of pitches. I'm also disappointed that so far there have only been a select few images from the accompanying photoshoot released. Again, I'm not complaining necessarily. This is Sophie in her bra & panties, after all. I just feel like a pet owner patting Maxim on the head for a half-hearted trick. So much potential wasted, fellas. 
Source: Maxim


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