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Mena Suvari keeps that famous ass elegant at Women in Film Awards

06.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor
When it comes to the topic of Mena Suvari in general, most of the guys I know seem to believe that she's not that attractive, which they then follow up with, "But that ass!" In fact, if you go searching through the catalog of posts we have about Suvari in her gallery, you'll find that the majority of them focus on her popular posterior. However, since getting divorced for the second time, it seems as if the actress has decided to keep that butt on lockdown, dressing more conservatively, including this red carpet appearance in Culver City for the Women in Film 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards. I also have begun to wonder if this decision is coupled with the fact that she has that huge tattoo on the back of her neck. While everyone and their mother has ink these days, being in the pubic eye as often as Suvari is might be aiding in her discomfort with the art she was more devoted to at a younger age. Perhaps Megan Fox should hook her up with her laser removal expert, because if there's anything besides Marilyn on a forearm that needs removing, it's a giant lion on the back of one's neck.
Source: Daily Mail


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