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Melissa Reeves might top Kimberley Garner for hottest Brit pseudo-celeb

02.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Ready for another British reality show chick who's full of pointless cute and a rockin' bod? Then welcome Melissa Reeves to the game. One of the stars of MTV UK's show "Ex on the Beach," the 22-year old Liverpool DJ has been seen strutting her nipply sense on English streets, clearly not as embarrassed by her new-found TV fame as she purports to be. The concept behind "Ex on the Beach" is simple: they've plunked down 8 singles in a beach resort for potential on-screen hookups and complicated the matter by including all of the exes of these same people. Reeves comes off like a bit of a airheaded twat in the Meet Melissa video that MTV has out, likening herself to being practically a porn star and staking her claim as a supposedly famous international DJ. As far as I can tell, she's mainly in the business of walking around in tight dresses with no underwear and posing for various photoshoots nude or practically nude. You decide for yourselves if you're into it.

Source: Daily Mail


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