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Melissa Rauch delivers her big bangin' curves to Sundance

01.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I don't mind getting made fun of because I enjoy watching "The Big Bang Theory." I've read all of the quippy blogs and news posts about why it's trendy to harp on and on about the show's purported undeserved success. Thing is, I've been watching stupid, derivative physical comedy for years. You couldn't have pulled me away from "Three's Company" reruns when I was a little kid and you'll probably find me reading a book while I have reruns of TBBT playing in the background that I can quote with eerie accuracy, I'm just comfortable with things that way. I don't need comedy to be intellectual, trying too hard or being so off the map that I don't want to weary myself traveling there. I like cornball characters like Melissa Rauch's Bernadette. And she's a funny lady outside of this show as well. She and her husband recently co-wrote THE BRONZE, a film debuted at Sundance right now, featuring Rauch as a washed up former gymnast whose former home town glory is about to be stolen from her by some young upstart. I'd watch that movie. Heck, all of you would watch it too, but more likely under the more Hollywood guise of having Will Ferrell star in it instead.

Oh, and P.S.? Her co-star, Haley Lu Richardson is pretty darn cute too.

Source: Salt Lake Times


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