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Melissa Debling makes sure we're never short on big boobs

01.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

Oil tycoons, world leaders, tech moguls – people in positions of power. Despite their stautre and Scrooge McDuck-like wealth, they'll still never know what it's like to wield true power. Not the kind bestowed upon them at the ballot box nor the influence that can be bought with vast sums of money. No, I'm talking about pure, all natural power; the kind emanating from Melissa Debling's beautiful tits. Seriously, those things might as well be glowing magical orbs, capable of controlling minds and causing hypnosis. There are literally thousands of photos featuring Melissa's adult toys circulating the Internet. Yet somehow, people still pay $30 a month on her website to keep updated with the latest iterations. Every angle has been covered, every inch of dem malleable mounds photographed and they keep coming back for more. That's the difference between nature's power and man-made power. One's real and the other is an illusion.

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Source: egotastic


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