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Melissa Debling is a treat for boob lovers everywhere

12.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Melissa Debling seems to have things figured out. When you're a British glamour model with an abnormally large rack, but somehow are criminally under-featured in periodicals that exploit that kind of talent (Page 3, Zoo, ect.), you take matters into your own hands. She built a website dedicated to showing off those tits with a weekly set of fresh images and charges anyone interested in said big tits $30 a month to enjoy them. She puts just enough money into making the photos look professional, with bright lighting and a decent camera. However, as you'll see from this image set, she saves a ton of money on production; simply throwing on some fresh lingerie and standing around the kitchen. What more do you need? Even she knows people aren't churning out $30 a month for overelaborate set design – it's all about Melissa's mounds. There's something appealing about the simplicity of it.

Source: lazy girls


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