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Melissa Benoist went to Mexico & took her Taylor Swift bikini with her

03.28.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I can kind of understand the "mom jeans" trend. After a number of years with all that denim riding so low on the hips of the beautiful celebrity women out there, I imagine they were tired of the constant torso chill and threat of plumber's crack every time they stepped out. The mom jeans have a way of giving shorter waisted women a longer look while making their butts look outstanding from all of that vertical lift. But this Taylor Swift inspired lean toward bikinis that eliminate the belly button view? What's the point? They're not comfortable to swim in, they're not comfortable to sit in (digging in above the waistline with no flowy top to cover it up) and they're vastly unflattering on most every body that isn't Swift's (aka over 5'10" and built like a stack 4-studded Legos). This suit Benoist took on her Mexican getaway makes her look, well, kinda chubby. Which we know she's not. But it's that f*cking unflattering. And sure, she's not in a bikini for our ocular pleasure and the paps should have let her have some peace & serenity while off the clock, but still... see my other points. If she were comfortable and relaxed, perhaps there would have been some wave frolicking. Instead, we're sad looking at her in that mess and she looks sad for having chosen to wear it.
Source: Superior Pics


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