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Melissa Benoist was super slick at PaleyFest

03.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm still pretty "meh" when it comes to Melissa Benoist, especially when she shows up to events such as PaleyFest with hair slicked back all greasy, as if Something about Mary went way darker. I might like her more if I could have gotten into "Supergirl," which seems to have developed quite a fanatical little following. Sure, Melissa is adorkable, making goofy faces for the cameras while she struts about in an outfit even Mary Tyler Moore would have considered too dowdy in the '70's. However, I'm more focused on how tight those abs of co-star Chyler Leigh are, seeing as how the actress popped out three kids in under 6 years. At least Melissa knows not to count on her superheroine career entirely and has a couple of indie movies under her belt for 2016. As for "Supergirl," the show will feature a crossover with CW's "The Flash" before closing out its first season in mid-April. 
Source: Daily Mail


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