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Melissa Benoist riding high at LOWRIDERS premiere

06.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's always a brief moment of reluctance right before I decide to feature a hottie like Melissa Benoist. On the one hand: Mother, May I? – There is not a single feature of hers that doesn't give me "the feelings", and this photo set really brings to your attention what a breathtaking puss (talking about her face), and a heart stopping smile she has. On the other hand: her stubborn refusal to, at least on occasion, go out of her way and sexy it up a little bit leads to frustration; leading me to ofttimes act out by refusing to bestow upon her the unending words of praise and admiration she so deserves. Sadly, her attendance to the indie film nobody's heard of, LOWRIDERS, is another example of this ongoing struggle. She definitely looks like her usual, extremely pretty self, but there's little else to speak of. I can't even comment on the movie she's promoting, other than it appears to feature low riders. 

Source: ns4w


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