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Melissa Benoist leaks Supergirl's new secret weapon

07.28.2016by: Droz

I couldn't help but be amused by the contrasts inherent in these pics of Melissa Benoist strolling around the Supergirl lot with her little canine friend in her arms. Here you have an all powerful daughter of Krypton in full regalia, accompanied by a grumpy little fur ball companion. It's kind of like if Hulk had a kitten clinging to his ripped pants, or Wonder Woman had a parrot perched on her shoulder. I'd actually kind of like to see that. Hulk finds a kitten and defends it against Thanos' troops. But then the kitten is killed and Hulk razes and entire enemy installation to the ground in revenge, making sure to rip every last solider to pieces with his teeth. It would give a little motivation to the animal lovers out there. Maybe get a few more home viewers or butts into theater seats.

Source: NSFW


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