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Melissa Benoist is super bellissimo in Vanity Fair Italia

09.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Her series flew on over to The CW, which only means that we're going to be enjoying Melissa Benoist in her skirt & tights a lot longer than we would have if she'd stayed a CBS girl. And with NetFlix streaming the first season of "Supegirl" already, I think the series is going to have an even stronger chance to gain in its audience numbers, yet another sharp move on The CW's part. I think it might be fun to mock the network for its teenybopper demographic or the change in name from The WB or the often schlocky programming that it banks on, but I have to admire the planning that goes into merchandising and capitalizing on what it's got. Benoist definitely is a beauty who deserves the spotlight, a point made perfectly by the ultra high quality photoshoot that was released of her posing for Vanity Fair Italia. Heaven knows my grandfather never cussed at me in Italian this beautifully. I get the feeling that Melissa would have left him speechless.
Source: Hawt Celebs


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