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Melissa Benoist flies over to the CW for a an upfront change of networks

05.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Good news for those of you who are "Supergirl" fans. Turns out the show is making the change from CBS winter wonderland for the AARP crowd who prefer their dramas chock full of implausible scenarios and hokey dialog to The CW, where the channel is so happy that anybody is watching, they'll allow a series to go on for years without sweating the ratings. Melissa Benoist was lovely at the CW Upfront event last week, wearing a big smile that shows she doesn't care if the budget for her show has been slashed if it means that she'll be drawing a steady paycheck for the next 5-25 years. I kid, I kid. Obviously The CW has gotten rid of programming that didn't immediately sell, but because they're still the little guy on the block, they're much more willing to bankroll those shows with rabid fan bases, and now with "Supergirl" joining their already DC-heavy line-up of superhero stories, there's even more to gain from the cross promotion. What do you guys think about the channel change up?
Source: Daily Mail


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