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Melissa Benoist flashes everyone on the set of Supergirl

02.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know what shocks me most - that "Supergirl" has been pulling in around 8 million viewers a week in its live airings or that the typically fanboy rabid people over at Rotten Tomatoes have the show ranked with a 97% fresh. Over 12 million had tuned in for the first episode of the CBS superheroine show when it bowed back in October of last year (I was one of them, in the 3% that was unimpressed and stopped watching), so the ratings aren't as stellar as they could be in its continuation, perhaps because the show might be better spaced among the litany of superhero shows over on The CW. So it's unsurprising to me that "The Flash" is doing a crossover with "Supergirl," with Grant Gustin appearing on the Los Angeles set this week. Star Melissa Benoist is certainly a darling, getting people to embrace her as the squeaky clean little girl from Krypton and ignore all of those Fappening pictures of her that were leaked in 2014. If only we could find a way to cross over those two alternate realities. Supersex would be a real ratings grabber. 
Source: Superhero Hype


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