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Melanie Laurent looked magnifique at the Chanel show in Paris

02.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I fell in love with Melanie Laurent when she was in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, to the point where I went seeking out her previous, mostly French body of work. I don't regret it (ROOM OF DEATH is worth a turn, if you need a suggestion) although none of what Laurent has taken on as an actress is nearly as beautifully rendered as the lady herself. The ease with which Melanie can appear in clothing covering every inch of skin on her body and yet still come off sexy as f*ck is wild but I guess the old stereotype about French women being inherently sexy holds true. Laurent was in Paris for a Chanel fashion show, enjoying herself after wrapping her upcoming film, ETERNITE, which will co-star that other cute French lady, Audrey Tatou. Now, if only someone could put in a call to Quentin and convince him to turn her into his next Uma. 
Source: CelebMafia


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