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Megan Fox talking crazy hobbies with Jimmy Kimmel; she looks sexy though

02.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

I know you can't, or shouldn't, make snap judgments about people based on sound bites or interviews. So I'll try to make this sound more like a general observation: Megan Fox is weird; not in that artistic, idiosyncratic way usually reserved for intellectual geniuses. No, more like the loopy, tarot card reading hippies you find taking up permanent residence at some retreat. It's one thing to sit and watch her talk about palm reading as a hobby of hers, it's a whole other thing to watch her struggle to explain it in some philosophical manner – like she's invested in it but doesn't know if she really buys all the hokum. It makes you ask questions like: She knows that's bullshit, right? She does look incredibly sexy in a tight, black dress which helps soften the awkward blow. In case you are wondering how this even makes a difference when year staring at a women as fine as this; just watch the bit where she tries to explain to Jimmy how her unborn babies told her they were bohemian revolutionaries while still in the womb.

Source: Got Celeb


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