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Megan Fox schools everyone again on why they should go see TMNT2

06.03.2015by: Droz

Is this TMNT sequel going to suck? Yeah, probably. That's not stopping them from doing everything they can to get asses into seats for it anyway, which includes giving the movie's primary female eye candy, Megan Fox, some much more inspiring wardrobe this time around via this school girl outfit as well as some other choice ensembles. Clearly their strategy is that if gigantic, mutated turtles fighting baddies with katanas and nunchaku aren't sufficient to get anyone to buy a ticket, perhaps Megan's perfect body in a slutty outfit will be. It worked with TRANSFORMERS. Do you remember all the CGI-heavy robot fights in that movie? Or do you remember Megan's fine ass getting a look under Bumblebee's hood?

8 years later I guess they feel we need a new Megan memory for our spank banks. Alright, fine. As long as she looks good, I'll take whatever you got.

Source: NSFW


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