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Megan Fox rocks a blonde wig and a sexy schoolgirl outfit for TMNT2

04.30.2015by: Droz

Technically I think they should call this movie TMNT 12 or 22 or 38 or whatever the total TMNT movie count has become over the years, which is some ridiculous number like that. But I can see why they decided to reset the sequel clock for the latest turtle incarnation. This franchise is so often rebooted, reinvented and reimagined that it's difficult to figure out which iteration belongs where in the long line of blatant cinematic money grubbing. It's easier to just start over again with each new production. I stopped caring about the fate of sewer-dwelling reptiles decades ago, but my thinking on Megan Fox is something I'm still trying to figure out. There's no question about my distaste and frustration for her ridiculous amount of elective surgeries. However, the girl can still rock a sexy schoolgirl outfit, as she was doing for a scene they were filming in NYC yesterday. With that blonde wig she takes on a faint Taylor Swift appearance. I'm not sure if that's a complement, an insult, or just an observation. I'll let you decide on that. As for Megan, I'd still hit that, given the opportunity. Yeah, she's clearly done some shit to her face, but not enough to keep me from doing what my gonads demand of me.

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