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Megan Fox is a tight little parking lot flower child

07.14.2015by: Droz

For once Megan Fox wasn't to be found on set for TMNT2. Fortunately, she was still gracious enough to treat us to the beauty of her lower extremities in tight shit while out and about. Also nice to see her without her husband running interference for cameras. Now that they've both settled into parenthood, perhaps the paranoia factor has lessened sufficiently to allow them an occasional walk from the store to the car without menacing anyone in sight. I've had my issues with Megan in the past, but I'm not so partial as to overlook those areas where her appeal persists. Were she with me, I'd be constantly working out ways to get her and I out into public view. For instance, she'd be the perfect high school reunion companion. "Oh, hi asshole jock who I've despised for years. What's that? You're an insurance adjuster? That's great! Did you happen to see who I'm banging?"

Source: Superior Pics


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