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Megan Fox has been wearing the same booty pants for weeks now

06.30.2015by: Droz

Megan Fox appears to have roped one of her personal body guards into umbrella duty while roaming around between takes on the TMNT2 set. Poor guy. He probably broke his ass in Iraq or Afghanistan for years, only to come back here and spend his days keeping the sun out of Megan's eyes. I sure hope he's getting paid well.

The notion of someone wearing the same pants for weeks on end might sound rather disgusting in any other context. Fortunately this is just for TMNT2 and Megan is simply keeping up the continuity for her April O'Neil counterpart, who apparently goes through the course of events in this movie without the opportunity for a change of clothes. Perhaps they're saving some money by limiting the wardrobe budget for this movie. Although you do see this sort of thing happen in a lot of TV shows and movies, especially the superhero stuff. It's not unusual at all to see a character spend days on end wearing the same shit. Or even go away and come back, maybe several times through the course of a movie or TV series, always dressed in the same stuff every time you see them. What the hell is that? Maybe I'm weird, but that really messes with my suspension of disbelief. Put on a fresh pair of pants guy. Megan, you're fine. Keep the ass pants with the underwear peeking out coming.


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Drool Back
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1:35AM on 07/01/2015
I am 100% sure that guy is having a better day playing umbrella captain than 99% of the rest of us shlubs.
I am 100% sure that guy is having a better day playing umbrella captain than 99% of the rest of us shlubs.
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