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Megan Fox fills out a bikini top with her mom boobs

04.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

You needn't be partial to any kind of pregnancy fetish in order to appreciate the beauty of a mid-term Megan Fox, showing off how effortless she can blur the line between sexy and pregnant. Even though the looming presence of her hubby, Brian Austin Green, is present in every photo, don't let that deter you from gazing upon her lovely milk bladders, barely holstered by that bikini top. Speaking of blurred lines: the line between her rumored, impending divorce and happily married couple is a fuzzy one, at best. These pictures showing them on their Hawaii vacation have a suspiciously staged vibe; almost as if one of them is campaigning for a Senate seat in a State where family-values-voters make up the bulk of their constituency.

Source: Daily Mail


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