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Megan Fox also likes being behind the camera

10.26.2015by: No Cool Handle

Newly released from the bullshit promise of eternal monogamy: Megan Fox will be carving pumpkins as a single woman this Halloween. She's either very meticulous in her selections of pumpkins she'll be carving or she's a photography hobbyist using the pumpkin patch for practice. Is there any ironing to the fact that she's photographing someone else's pumpkins for a change– that terrible pun would've also worked if she was shooting a melon or cantaloupe patch. Even when she just throws on a pair of sneakers, some shredded jean short shorts, and runs her fingers through her hair, she still looks unbelievably appetizing. I never read about the details of her divorce because honestly I have a hard time caring, but, I have to assume she ended it. If I was Brian Austin Green I would've put up with any amount of shit she could dish out, as long as she didn't keep the poon on lock-down. I wouldn't have cared if we had nothing in common, constantly argued or we're distant relatives, bedding down a hottie such as her, would make it all worth it. 

Source: Got Celeb


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