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Megan Boone was the real hero in her slinky lingerie dress

12.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I keep meaning to watch The Blacklist. I have always loved James Spader as an actor, even if he's not the sexy beast he was when he was younger and had fewer jowls and more hair on his head. But it might just be his sexy co-star, Megan Boone who would seal the deal for me. I've noticed in the past year or so, Boone seems to have slimmed down a bit, not that her fuller cheek were ever a problem for me, I just find it amusing that if an actress wants to keep her job, she has to lose weight or get leaner all the time and if the leading actor gains weight, his job is never at risk (can you imagine what would have happened if say the women on Friends had gained as much weight as the dudes on that show did over the years?). Megan was seen on the red carpet flaunting those trimmed down curves for the CNN Night of Heroes event, where she might have been the biggest hero of them all, standing there in all of her luscious glory for the cameras. I'd love to see her have a future outside of that show, if only to get the opportunity to see more of her at these fancy things.
Source: Zimbio


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